Traditional Pedicure - $40

Your nails are shaped, and your cuticles are cared for. Sit back to enjoy a relaxing foot massage with hot towels and polish. 30 minutes.

Glow Pedicure - $50

Traditional pedicure + rejuvenating sugar scrub. 35 minutes.

Honey Pedicure - $55

Honey lemon scrub followed by a combination of warm honey and coconut oil. Release dead cell build up, provides soft and smooth skin. Honey has allergy relief antimicrobial activity and many other benefits. 40 minutes.

Hot Stone Pedicure - $55

Traditional pedicure + massage with hot stone and hot towels. Muscle relaxation, pain and stress relief, and improved blood circulation. 40 minutes.

Gel Pedicure - $55

Traditional pedicure with gel polish. 55 minutes.

Express Pedicure - $30

​Our on-the-go quick pedi. 25 minutes.

Lavender Pedicure - $55

This all natural pedicure includes a lavender scrub made from real lavender seeds and oils to exfoliate and hydrate dry skin. Warm coconut massage to follow. 40 minutes.

Pearl Pedicure - $70

This pedicure uses ingredients from the sea! Pearl powder, minerals, and leaf extract benefits. Starts with the fresh aroma of the soak, followed by scrub massage, mask, and moisturizing cream for additional massage. 60 minutes.

Detox Pedicure - $65

Aromatic pedicure with exfoliating scrub, detox mask, and lotion. Rich in antioxidants, which benefit the skin, and oils to penetrate. 60 minutes.

Aromatherapy Pedicure - $75

Non-residue sugar scrub, moisture mask, and luxurious lotion, all with a matching scent! Large selection of scents to choose from. All these products are natural and paraben free. 65 minutes.

Vogue Pedicure - $85

Aromatherapy (scrub, location, and mask) combined with paraffin wax and hot stones. The ultimate treat! 75 minutes.

Jelly Pedicure - $75

Enjoy a relaxing bath of gelatin while it naturally exfoliates and detoxes your skin. Oils to moisturize and rejuvenate skin. 70 minutes.

Kids Pedicure (6 years - 12 years old) - $25

Kids Pedicure (5 years old and under) - $15

​Kids Gel Pedicure (12 years old and under) - $40

Polish Change (Lacquer) - $15

Polish Change (Gel Color) - $30